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Keeping it Fresh with Waterco

Mon, 4 Sep 2023

Keeping it Fresh with Waterco


Established in 2009, Myfresh Manufacturing began its journey in a modest factory, producing soughtafter fruit juice concentrates and other beverage concoctions from authentic ingredients. By 2015, Myfresh transitioned to a larger, advanced factory in Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, gaining traction as a modern beverage production hub. Spanning 4,000 square metres and with a dedicated space of 20,000
square feet, this plant kicked off its operations in 2015, equipped with the latest technology and facilities.Thanks to its strategic location, it benefits from being close to major seaports and highways and shares its borders with Singapore. While Myfresh primarily serves
the local clientele, Creative Beverage Ingredients (CBI), a leading food and beverage (F&B) distribution entity in Singapore, handles its marketing and distribution in Singapore and other neighbouring areas.

Despite the accessibility of processed components and synthetic flavours, MyFresh remains strict on its use of ingredients. The company prides itself in their Halal certification standards to ensure that each drink can be enjoyed worry-free by all.

A Water Filter Upgrade in Every Way

Recently, Myfresh Manufacturing made a significant upgrade to its beverage production facility by replacing one of its existing filter units with Waterco filters. With that, 2 units of Aquaflo were set up on site. This decision was not made lightly, and the team has been diligently
monitoring the filters’ performance since installation. Aquaflos are known for their superior flow rates and operational efficiency – perfect complements to the Waterco filter. Together, these features form a powerful combination that enhances the overall filtering process,
making the filters a superb fit for Myfresh’s operation.

More than Just Clean Water

Most importantly, Waterco’s vision aligns with that of MyFresh in terms of upholding the Halal status of F&B products. All of Waterco’s devices undergo extensive evaluation, meeting Halal certification entities’ rigorous benchmarks, and inspiring greater consumer trust. Myfresh can rest assured that with Waterco products as part of its manufacturing line, the Halal status of its products would certainly not be compromised because of water supply.


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