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Waterco Awards

Waterco’s innovative approach to product research and development has been recognised by a number of leading industry awards. In recent times, Waterco’s patented MultiCyclone technology and other energy and water saving innovations have impressed industry judges both in Australia and in Waterco’s international markets.

Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) most innovative product award 2008

Waterco’s MultiCyclone centrifugal pre-filter has been awarded SPASA NSW, SPASA SA & SPASA QLD most innovative product award. The Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to maintaining and improving standards within the industry for the betterment of consumers, pool builders and suppliers.

SPASA’s panel of independent judges awarded Waterco’s MultiCyclone centrifugal filter for its water saving features and its innovative method of filtering sediment without any filter media or moving parts.

SPLASH! Environmental Product of the Year

The major product award went to Waterco for its MultiCyclone pre-filter. MultiCyclone is an Australian innovation which filters the water prior to it going to the main filters, reducing the load on the filter and therefore the amount of backwashing required.

An average sand filter may use more than 8000 litres for backwashing each a year. This can be vastly reduced by using the cyclonic pre-filter, which itself only needs 15 litres of water to purge. Potential water savings are estimated at about 7000 litres per year for an average pool.

The judges were impressed that this product is economically priced and as such is something that most existing and new pool owners could benefit from.

SPLASH! Environmental Lighting Product of the Year

The Environmental lighting product award went to Waterco for its Britestream LED light. The Britestream provides ample illumination for swimming pools which only use 15 per cent of the energy of an equivalent halogen light. The super bright LEDs are capable of delivering up to 352 lumens of light (for the white LED) while operating on only 15 watts of energy. Additionally, each LED has a lifespan of more than 70,000 hours (up to 35 times longer than a halogen light), reducing replacement needs and associated costs.

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