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Multimedia Filters for Large-Scale Point-of-Entry Water Purification

Fri, 10 Sep 2021


Water is a resource we use daily. We all desire clean water. To improve the water quality, impurities must be filtered out. 

Water filtration systems are commonly used to enhance water quality. 

Point-of-entry (POE) and multimedia filters are among the filtration systems used in many residential and commercial buildings.

In this post, we will explain what POE and multimedia filters are and the benefits of using them. 



Point-of-Entry Filters

Also known as whole house water filters, POE water filters are installed in the main water line.

They are set up at the water’s first entry point before it is distributed around the house.

This filtration system is designed to remove chlorine taste, odours, and other impurities. 



●They are highly durable and easy to maintain. With their sturdy design, POE water filters have a significant lifespan. 

●They ensure that water in the building is treated effectively for safe consumption. 


Multimedia Filters

A multimedia filter consists of multiple layers of media to provide mechanical and chemical filtration on its incoming water supply.

They have a pressure filter vessel that utilizes three or more filter media, in contrast to traditional sand filters, which use one grade of sand as the filtration media. 



●They allow for fast delivery of high-quality filtered water.

●They trap debris throughout the bed, enabling the filter to hold more solids filtered from the water before backwashing. 

●Each filtered material is retained at different layers because each material has a different density. 




The Waterco AquaFlo as a POE Filter

The Waterco AquaFlo water filter is a multimedia filter with five layers of media to remove various contaminants. The filter media are DMI-plus, GAC-plus, graded river silica sand, and graded gravel. 

In addition, the state-of-the-art Waterco AquaFlo water filter system is best utilized as a POE filter.


Advantages of Waterco AquaFlo as a POE Filter 


1. Non-Corrosive Body

The Waterco AquaFlo filter is built with the highest grade of non-corrosive materials, utilizing the latest fibreglass winding technology. It is chemically inert because it will not react to any chemical present in the water supply. 


2. Five Layers of Media for Effective Filtration

This filter system comes with five layers of media to ensure that the building’s water supply is effectively purified. Every impurity is filtered according to its density and trapped in the corresponding filter media. 


3. Water-saving in Every Backwash

One of the gains of using the Waterco AquaFlo is it doesn’t usea significant amount of water for backwashing. The internal structure of the filter includes a hydraulically balanced lateral designed for efficient backwash. 


4. Effective Impurity Removal

This filter system can be relied upon to remove all contaminants from water and improve its quality. The Waterco AquaFlo removes taste, odour, iron, manganese, chlorine, and sediments.


The Bottom Line

The Waterco AquaFlo filtration system is a top filtration media that can boost the safety of water consumption. Water filtration systems are worth investing in to enhance the quality of water in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The Waterco AquaFlo water filtration system can be installed at landed residential areas, high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts, theme parks, hospitals, government complexes, schools, colleges, universities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, agriculture, plantation and aquaculture.

If you are looking for a water filter system or water purification system, get in touch with Waterco, your professional and reliable water filter supplier.

The ISO 9001 certified Waterco manufacturing plant in Malaysia is capable of producing DOSH/JKKKP Certified water filters upon request.


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