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Preparing Your Swimming Pool for 2022

Mon, 27 Dec 2021

As the year is drawing close, people are in a festive mood, gearing up to mark the occasion and make it a remarkable and memorable one.

Throwing a pool party is a top way to prepare for a brand-new year. Partying with friends and family close to a pool promises lots of fun and happiness to start the New Year.

However, hosting a pool party to usher in the new year counts for nothing if the swimming pool is not adequately prepared. Below are tips to get your swimming pool into shape for 2022.

1. Getting Pool Cleaning Accessories

A sparkling clean swimming pool is essential to pulling off a successful pool party. Leaves and dirt in the swimming pool have to be removed to keep them clean.

Even after removing these contaminants, the pool requires regular upkeep. This cannot be done without having pool cleaning and maintenance kits.

Some of the cleaning products for swimming pools that you should have include hoses, pool brushes, vacuum poles, skimmers and more. Ensure that these tools are of top quality, as they will guarantee effective pool cleaning and maintenance.

2. Changing Filter Media

The filter media is one of the vital components of a swimming pool filtration system. It is essential to remove debris from pool. Without proper cleaning, the contaminants build up in the filter media, clogging them and causing them to function less effectively.

More so, clogged filter media means that no filtration will be done and the swimming pool water will be cloudy and have poor circulation.

Once filter media has reached the end of its shelf life, it must be changed periodically if you want to rid the swimming pool of contaminants and keep it in pristine condition for a pool party.

How often you change filter media depends on the type of filter you are using and the number of people that regularly use the swimming pool. The higher the number of swimmers, the more often that you should clean the filter to keep them in excellent working condition.

If you have a pool sand filter, switch the configuration of filter set it to backwash mode. This removes the trapped dirt in the media. After cleaning, set it back to filtration mode.

The ZeoPlus zeolite filter media is a high-performance media that provides excellent mechanical filtration of suspended particles. It has the ability to remove ammonia contaminants in pool as well. Swimming pool owners who are currently using silica sand filter media should switch over to ZeoPlus zeolite filter media for improved filtration.

3. New Automated Chlorination System

A pool without a working pool chlorinator cell is similar to an algae-ridden pond. Not having an automated chlorination system installed in your swimming pool is an invitation to bacteria and debris to come to dwell in it.

Chlorination of water is a tried and true method of removing threats from your swimming pool. These threats range from water-borne germs to debris. But having too much chlorine in water can do more harm than good as it can cause skin irritation, eye redness and other unsavoury side effects. For this reason, it is advisable to keep the chlorine in the water at a healthy level.

Using an automated chlorinator will make life easier. It will keep the aesthetics of your pool appealing and keep its pH and chlorine content at an appropriate level to ensure that you do not go into the new year swimming in an excessively chlorinated pool.

4. Get Pool Testing Kit

If you want a clean and safe swimming pool at all times, you should have a pool testing kit. This helps you test the water to ensure the chlorine, water hardness, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid and pH are at safe levels.

These conditions, when extreme, can make the swimming pool less safe to swim in during a pool party. There are lots of pool testing kits that you can get to keep tabs on the safety of your swimming pool.

In a Nutshell 

A good-looking swimming pool plays a huge role in ensuring that the party to usher in the new year is done in grand style. Following the tips discussed above will not only enable you to prepare your swimming pool for 2022, but to do it in style.


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