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Types of Swimming Pool Cleaners and Vacuums

Thu, 4 Mar 2021

One of the main benefits of having a home pool is gaining easy access to swimming, relaxation and staying cool during the hot months of the year. The swimming pool cleaning system is important, as without a proper one, the pool will turn into a green swamp and a mosquito breeding site. 

However, a good filtration system is not the only approach to keep your pool water clean and clear. In fact, a good swimming pool vacuum cleaner can complement a good filtration system by removing a great deal of debris from your pool’s floor and walls.

In this post, we are pleased to discuss the different types of swimming pool vacuum cleaners and their functions.


1. Manual Cleaning with a Telescoping Pole

Manual cleaners, such as handheld vacuums, brushes, skimmers and scrub brushes being connected with a telescoping pole to reach the pool's deepest reaches, are the most basic types of cleaning systems. 

These tools help to scrape the pool's sides and bottom, removing the green and yellowish adhering on them. Despite being time-consuming, this cleaning method is feasible and comes at a low cost.

2. Handheld Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld pool vacuum cleaners are operated manually. The operator manoeuvres it around the surface of the pool, just like vacuuming the floor of a house. 

A handheld vacuum cleaner has no mechanical parts and is an economical way to improve your pool's filtration system. However, the larger the pool, the longer it takes (probably a few hours) to clean the pool thoroughly with a pool vacuum cleaner.

3. Suction Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Often referred to as a suction-side cleaner, this vacuum is attached to the filtration device's water intake and uses the pool pump's suction energy to collect debris. 

Suction-side pool cleaners need the pool pump to operate during service, this translates to higher power demand as compared to other forms of pool cleaners. Since they require filter cleaning more often, pool owners with DE filters would have to change their media powder frequently.

The suction cleaner is great for pools in good shape with newer pumps and filters and is the right size for the job.

4. Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners 

A robotic pool vacuum cleaner is one of the most common types of automatic pool vacuums. It powers independently of the swimming pool circulation system. Of all the various types of swimming pool cleaners available, robotic vacuums are the most energy-efficient.

Robotic cleaners, which are self-contained units with integrated filter and motor, can capture the smallest particles from all types of pool surfaces. Some models come fitted with fun features, such as remote controls and four-wheel drives for spot cleaning. 

The robotic cleaner is great for an above-ground pool that is not fitted with a skimmer basket since it will automatically clean the pool.

5. Pressure Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Often known as pressure-side cleaners, these vacuums use the pump's power to speed up their travel along the pool's surfaces. They work independently of the swimming pool circulation system, under their control. Pressure cleaners, installed on wheels to drive around quickly, do not scrub the pool surfaces in the same way that contact-type cleaners do.

Since pressure pool cleaners come fitted with filter bags, no tension is applied to the pool filter. This type of cleaner, which can become more effective if you add a booster pump, is great for pools that have larger bits of debris and soil or quantities.

6. In-Floor Cleaning Systems

Many of the more spacious in-ground swimming pools have automated, in-floor cleaning systems mounted during the building process. Jets are installed into the pool's bottom and connect to its return line. Heads pop up, and a booster pump produces and forces a high-pressure swirl of water when the whole machine is turned on.

As the water travels along the pool floor and dirt and debris are created and pushed towards the main drains, a strong current is generated. The main pump is delivered to the filtering system and siphons the debris out of the pool.

The in-floor cleaner is great for in-ground swimming pools in the design planning stages and those whose budgets can afford them. Interestingly, many pool owners are not aware of the in-floor cleaning device for their pool.

In a Nutshell 

The right pool cleaner for you depends on your pool's overall size, pool shape, pool surface budget and more. For all your swimming pool cleaning products and a consultation, talk to Waterco, your professional swimming pool equipment supplier in Malaysia.

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