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How to Get Rid of Green in Swimming Pool

Tue, 6 Sep 2022

If you are a frequent swimmer, you have probably noticed a bit of green in some swimming pools. This unusual colour in the pool signifies the presence of microorganisms known as algae that thrive in aquatic environments. 


What Is Pool Algae and How Is It Produced?  

Algae are microscopic organisms that thrive in aquatic environments through a biochemical process known as photosynthesis. They utilize sunlight to synthesize food from water and carbon dioxide. 

Part of the end product of this photosynthetic process is green pigmented chlorophyll, which results in the green colouration of the water. Algae can grow in the shade or sun but it needs an uninterrupted supply of water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to thrive. 

Algae are normally produced from microscopic spores that enter the swimming pool through wind or spore-contaminated pool cleaning equipment. If they are exposed to the water and sunlight, they end up producing patches of algae blooms.


How to Treat Algae 

Although algae in a swimming pool may be harmless, it ruins the aesthetics. No one wants to swim in a pool that looks to be infested with microorganisms; the pool should have crystal blue water. For this reason, algae must be removed to enhance the swimming experience.

In this guide, we will show you how to treat two algae variants, green and black algae, in swimming pools.


1. How to Treat Green Algae

I. Chlorinate Your Pool

Chlorines are known to have adverse effects on the longevity of algae. Introducing chlorine into your swimming pool makes the water less hospitable for this microorganism to grow. 

Ensure that you sanitize your pool with a suitable amount of chlorine, as using too much could lead to allergic reactions in users.

Shock your pool with extra chlorine, adjust the water pH and run the pump for a full day so that the circulation system can turn over the water.


II. Cleaning and Maintenance

Another way of keeping algae away from your swimming pool is to maintain consistent cleaning and maintenance. Regular interior brushing of the pool helps remove tiny colonies of spores or dirt that can develop into green blooms. 

A water sanitization system is highly effective in wiping out algae as the water purifier eliminates contaminants that algae could use as a food source.

More so, keeping regular vigilance and maintaining good circulation and filtration ensures that your pool is less prone to becoming an algae breeding ground.


III. Use Algaecides

Take up arms against the green bloom by adding algaecide to the pool and running the pump for 24 hours. Algaecides are designed to alter the pH of the swimming pool, making it less favourable for algae growth. 

You can get different varieties of algaecide to treat your pool. Ensure that the product you use can destroy green algae or the particular algae you are targeting.


2. How to Treat Black Algae

I. Scrub the Black Algae Spots

Black algae are tougher than green algae. Therefore, you might see spots of black algae hanging onto some areas of a pool after brushing. Use a pumice stone or hand-held wire brush to scrub the black algae off the pool surface.


II. Shock the Pool Often

As stated earlier, black algae are tough to get rid of. A regular dose of shock will not have any effect. You must increase the pool shock to make this microorganism budge. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to determine the right dose to add to your pool.


III. Keep the Filter Clean

Clean the filter as frequently as possible to ensure that black algae are not present in the pool water circulation system.


All in All 

Algae are known to infiltrate pools and ruin their appealing appearance. When you employ the pool cleaning methods discussed above, your swimming pool will always look inviting. These methods will make your pool less habitable for microorganisms 

Wash and sanitize all pool cleaning equipment using cleaning products for swimming pools to prevent the growth of algae. Improving the aesthetics should be a priority for every pool owner. 

The use of a good water purifier is a top-notch strategy to wipe algae out of your swimming pool. Better still, enlist the services of a professional to help you get rid of the green blooms in a swimming pool.

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