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What Are The Reasons For Cloudy Or Hazy Water In A Pool?

Thu, 6 Apr 2023

Cloudy pools are undesirable because they indicate the presence of suspended particles and bacteria, which can cause skin and eye irritation and increase the risk of waterborne illnesses. Additionally, it makes the pool less visually appealing.
Chlorine is a commonly used cleaning product for swimming pools for sanitization. Moreover, a salt chlorinator cell, an equipment that generates chlorine from salt through a process called electrolysis, continuously generates chlorine, providing a more consistent and stable chlorine level in the water.

Did you know that a pool of cloudy water impedes the ability of chlorine to kill and remove harmful bacteria along with other micro-organisms? Also, indulging in a swim in such water could cause severe irritation and redness in the eye.    

Causes of a Cloudy Pool  

It is important to identify the cause of cloudy pool water in order to address the issue effectively. Testing the water regularly, maintaining proper pH and chlorine levels, and ensuring the pool is properly cleaned and filtered can help prevent these problems from occurring. 

Technical experts have tested all types of cloudy water, which starts slightly dull and, when untreated, can become completely opaque.  

The differences are as follows: 


The pool water looks milky, and one can see the bottom of the shallow end but not the bottom of the deep end. When large quantities of small, almost invisible particles reflect sunlight, creating an unsightly, cloudy appearance, the pool turns cloudy. 

The term "cloudy" is used to describe water that appears milky or has a hazy appearance. This is due to tiny particles in large numbers reflecting solar light. Being in the range of 0.5 to 5.0 microns, these particles are extremely miniature and almost invisible in nature.  


This is the stage that hardly gets noticed, but that's when the pool water starts to lose its sparkle. While there could be several reasons for a case of dull water in a pool, some of the most common possibilities are the amount of phosphates present in the water, some recent storms that may have passed over the area, and a lack of water circulation and proper filtration of the pool.


Though the bottom of the pool is visible, it's hard to make out the details. Hazy pools are an indication that chlorine is not working effectively, which increases the presence of pathogenic bacteria and organisms like E. coli and algae. If the water has a pH imbalance, i.e., is too high or too low, it results in a pool that looks cloudy or hazy.


This is the most extreme level of contamination in a pool. It becomes impossible to see the bottom or floor of the pool. It is a situation that arises when the pool’s water filtration system is malfunctioning, which leads to contaminants not being effectively eradicated from the water. 

Such circumstances result in dirt and debris accumulating in the pool water, causing it to become cloudy or hazy.

Most of the time, swimmers apply sunscreen or other oils to their skin before entering the pool, which can create a film on the surface of the water, making the water cloudy. Fixing this situation is easy, though proper pool maintenance is essential for keeping the water clean, clear, and safe for swimmers.  


What could be done to maintain a pool? 

Scrub and vacuum the pool 

Using a skimmer net to remove debris such as leaves, insects, and other floating debris from the surface of the water on a daily basis, and also brush the walls of the pool to remove algae and other build-ups. 

Test the water 

Regularly using test strips or a testing kit to ensure that the pH, chlorine, and other chemical levels are within the appropriate range. Clean the pool filter regularly to remove debris and ensure that it is functioning properly.  

Furthermore, ensure that the water level is maintained at the appropriate level for proper circulation and filtration. Shock the pool periodically to eliminate contaminants and keep the water clear and clean.   

Balance the chemical levels 

Use pool chemicals to adjust the pH, chlorine, and other chemical levels as needed to keep the water balanced and safe for swimmers.


All in all 

Waterco's AquaHealth™ range offers a complete solution to maintain clear and healthy pool or spa water. The range consists of seven categories of high-quality products, including oxidizers, sanitizers, balancers, clarifiers, algaecides, stabilizers, and trouble shooters. 

These fast-acting and effective products are designed to protect your pool or spa from the damaging effects of the environment and ensure your investment is well maintained. 

Moreover, Aqua~Health freshwater and saltwater solutions also make it easy to maintain clean and healthy water throughout the year. 

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