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50mm PVC Sweep Elbow

Waterco’s 50mm Sweep Elbow has been recognised under SPASA Australia's Climate Care Certified program.

The Sweep Elbow is the perfect solution to improving a pool’s hydraulic efficiency, particularly when using energy efficient pumps.

Key Benefits:

Research indicates that comparing PVC Sweep Elbows to traditional 90° elbows shows a marked difference in water flow and head loss.

Designing the filtration plumbing of a swimming pool to minimise the pressure losses should take into account keeping the pipe lengths as short as possible (where possible), using 50 mm or larger diameter piping, and using “sweep elbows” instead of 90-degree bends reduces the overall system head loss and improve the pool’s hydraulic efficiency..

By improving the hydraulic efficiency, it enables a multispeed or variable speed pump to operate at a lower speed without sacrificing flow rate through the pool’s filtration circuit or reducing the pool’s turnover rate.


The annual energy savings on a per pool basis simply by using efficient plumbing with Sweep Elbows alone could account for 31kWh per year savings or 1.2% in Energy Savings.

Whilst the actual energy savings from simply switching out the hard 90 degree bends to Sweeps Elbows is modest, the reduced Total Dynamic Head (TDH) from introducing Sweep Elbows can be combined with other measures for a synergistic effect overall reducing the TDH of the system and enabling the use of a smaller pump.

Other Benefits:

Non-Energy Benefits of efficient plumbing with Sweep Bends is decreased maintenance problems such as leaking and broken pipes. Pipes will last longer at lower velocities. Efficient pipe fittings and appropriate pipe diameters contribute to decreased head, which allows for a decreased pump size and environmental benefits

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