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The Waterco Aquaflo water filtration system comes with multi-media
technology that is able to remove and reduce various harmful substances
in the incoming water supply. Unlike conventional sand filters that only
remove suspended solids, the Waterco Aquaflo uses five layers of filter
media, including GAC-Plus/Anthracite, DMI-Plus, ZeoPlus, Graded River
Silica Sand and Graded Gravel, which yield higher flow rates and
longer service runs.

The Waterco Aquaflo water filtration system can be installed for the:

  • Landed Residential Area & High-Rise Building
  • Hotel, Resort & Theme Park
  • Hospital & Government Complex
  • School, College & University
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facility
  • Agriculture, Plantation & Aquaculture

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Costly passivation process is required for most of the stainless-steel filters in every few years to ensure its internal wall does not rust and affect the water quality.

The Waterco Aquaflo water filtration system is manufactured from the highest grade of non-corrosive materials and employing the latest in fibreglass winding technology, therefore it is built for many years of trouble-free operation. Unlike the stainless-steel filter, the Waterco Aquaflo water filtration system is chemically inert and will not react with any chemical that might present inside the incoming water supply.

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